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Episode Summary

In today’s episode Scott talks to Dale Overton from Overton Environmental about EcoTea. A lot of organic farmers are already using EcoTea on their farms, so we wanted to find out more about the science behind EcoTea. We’ve included some of the results from their results trials in our Resources section on our website.

Episode Notes

Resources links

You can contact Neal Wagar, Manitoba Technical Sales Rep via email or  phone (204-218-2221) for any questions about Ecotea.

Recent study results have been uploaded to our website as well in the Resources section:


Our podcast is supported by generous donations, grants and sponsorships. This episode was sponsored by Overton Environmental Enterprises and funded in part by the Canadian government through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, the Prairie Organic Development Fund. MOA is also thankful for its gold sponsors, Millview Farms, La Milanaise, SeCan, Kroeker Farms and XiteBio. If you would like to sponsor an episode, contact us at

Guest bio 

Dale Overton

I am a highly motivated and hard working individual interested in applied ecology and sustainable landscape management. My goal is to work with industry partners to create realistic and economical solutions to complex ecological problems. I am also interested in developing, manufacturing and marketing various biological soil amendments and organic fertility products (Eco-Tea and Essential Organics). I am also involved in waste reduction and transformation projects using advanced composting techniques. Currently, I am involved in many innovative research projects both in Canada and Internationally, which focus on organics waste management, sustainable agri-systems, soil ecology and revegetation.

My family and I live on a 97 acre farm in the boreal-parkland transition ecoregion. My wife and I share a beautiful daughter and son. We have dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and chickens all raised as holistically and sustainably as possible.